Renewable energy powered by Blockchain 


  • Security Token

    Maximum security and transparency with tokenization processes

  • Cryptocurrencies

    Perfect match using crypto assets

  • Scalability

    Long-term sustainability and scalability

  • Legal Security

    Absolute legal security within the crypto industry

  • Solar Energy

    Clean, sustainable and healthy energy source with the environment

  • Corporate Gobernance

    Efficient management of the corporate governance of the project

Key Metrics


Solar Panels



The team

  • Rafa Sanchez

    Blockchain Project Manager

  • Jean Pierre Bocaz

    Energy Business Consultant

  • Juan Carlos Cabrera

    LegalTech & Bioeconomist

  • Enrique Sanchez

    Marketing & Social Media

  • Agustin Rey

    Financial Business Consultant


  Bolivia 11 35010 Las Palmas (Spain)

  +34 744 455 005